Blake Gilmore - General Contractor has been in the residential remodeling and construction business since 1981.

These principles, along with our commitment to providing caring service and lasting value, have built a solid foundation upon which our company continues to thrive today. Essential to our success have been the many local homeowners who have utilized our services time and time again, some for as long as 26 years. Our clientele and the market we work in is as knowledgeable and demanding as any in the country, and we are the better for it. BGGC was incorporated in July of 2002 and continues to build on these principles and traditions.

In addition, we have developed long lasting relationships with both our employees and our stable of trusted and loyal subcontractors. Employee tenure in BGGC is an average of fifteen years. This is our bedrock. We have always, and will continue, to strive to work to the highest construction standards and feel confident that we can not only meet, but exceed our clients' expectations.